Let’s grow.

We are commited to positive relationships with our parents and the community. Providing the answers to your questions builds trust. The OGYCS administrative team has a wide range of education and experience in early childhood and family support. We can all assist you with general questions, leadership and volunteer opportunities, consignment sale and family concerns.


1722 Oak Grove Road
Decatur, GA 30033


P: 404-636-7951
F: 404-315-8960

Contact By Department

Meredith DunnDirector

Meredith is available to meet with parents at any time regarding child development concerns, classroom concerns, leadership or employment opportunities or other matters of  concern. Our goal is to support parents in their parenting, school involvement, school choice and managing familiy challenges. We also welcome your ideas about development to better serve the community.
404-636-7951 ext 240

Katie Hughes, Assistant Director of Admissions & Family Support

Contact Katie with information or questions about enrollment & tours, absence/illness notifications, playgroup enrichment, family changes, celebrations or challenges and substitute opportunities. Send written updated contact information and authorized pick-up persons to Katie.
404-636-7951 ext 206

Kathleen Lortie, Finance

contact Kathleen to Set up Tuition Express payment option, to add a payer to your account and specific fee questions.
404-636-7558  ext 214